Kulia E Loa’a Ka Na’auao “Strive to Obtain Wisdom”

What's going on

LVHCC has converted our Club Donor item to a “Maui Relief Allocation.”  This allocation will enable LVHCC to provide donations to credible organizations focused on full support for folks on Maui and for support occurring here in Las Vegas by organizations working to assist the Maui relief effort.


Click our “Donate” button and 100% of what we receive will be tracked and maintained separately from LVHCC funds for later donations.

Maui Ikaika Mau Loa (Maui Forever Strong)

To help the Lahaina and Maui Fire victims and survivors, click the Maui icon above. 


The links that will come up are reputable locations from bona fide news reporting and trusted and knowledgeable sources (though as always, please be mindful of where you donate and try to give only to vetted organizations at trustworthy sites).



150th Anniversary of King Kamehameha Day (11 Jun 22).  Link to the video; Mahalo nui loa to Little Grass Shack for filming and bringing the video together!

Scholarship News

Our Founder’s Scholarship application season opened on 7 October and a flyer with the details went out.  Click the “Scholarships” Icon above and go to the Founder’s page link.

We are adding on-line & Las Vegas resources to our Scholarship Program; click the “Scholarships” icon and then “Scholarship Resources” hyperlink, scroll the bottom of the page and check out the latest!

Maui Ikaika Mau Loa (Maui Forever Strong)

LVHCC is working to support ongoing efforts and Kokua from a number of organizations and Congressional Offices.

We’ll be forwarding updates via social media and by email to let everyone know the latest as we get it.

Check out this terrific picture collage created by our Newsletter editor Maggie Perry for the fundraiser carwash!!!

In total we have collected about $2,560 so far!  But it’s not over; we’re in this for the long haul.  Mahalo nui loa to everyone.

Update 2: there’s been a “pause” request for item donations going to Maui.  The receiving locations on have a lot of items they’re sorting through to get distributed and to identify what things are still needed–October looks to be went shipments will resume.  More as we get it.

 64th Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Annual Convention
Occurred 15-22 October at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, O’ahu.   LVHCC is sent 5 Delegates to represent the Club & the three Resolutions we submitted were adopted.  Once signed by the AHCC Pelekikena (usually by February of the next year) we will frame and present them.

Mahalo Resolution to the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement for holding their first Convention outside Hawai’i here in Las Vegas

Remembering long-time LVHCC Member Auntie Mary Van Acker

Remembering long-time Member and Board Na Alaka’i (Director) Uncle Paulino Espinoza


While we had to cancel this golf tournament due to very low golfer applications, the Polo Shirts are pending a response from our vendor so we can get the shirts to the (20) folks who ordered them.
Our Pelekikena ‘Iho Nei recently resigned.  Please see for more information.