Conduct and Ethics

As Members of the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club, which is part of the over 100 year-old Hawaiian Civics Movement founded by Prince Kuhio in 1918, we hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards in everything we do.  We champion kindness in our community here in Las Vegas and actively work to improve the lives of our lahui.  This means conducting ourselves in a pono manner with our Members and the community as a whole.

Our Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct

  1. At all Club-sponsored events, Members will be courteous, respectful, and professional in their dealings and communication with other Members.  Absent this ability, Members should avoid interaction with the other Member.  However, sincere attempts to “clear the air” and statements of fact are not always confrontational.
  2. At all Club-sponsored events, unsolicited and unwelcome contact, moral turpitude, harassment and interference in the transactions of another are prohibited.  Profanity and obscenity are looked upon with disfavor and persistent or boisterous outbursts will result in your immediate removal from the event.
  3. Members will not engage in libelous writings or slanderous remarks harmful to the reputation of the Club, its Board, or Members.  Expulsion from the Club after a review of their standing in this Club will occur.  Based on the findings, further action may be taken including reprimands and/or penalties up to and including expulsion.
  4. Members are prohibited from engaging in conduct that is harmful to the Club or its Board and its Members.  Notwithstanding this restriction, regret following a mutually completed transaction is not within this purview.
  5. No Membership will be granted, or continued, for anyone convicted in court of a crime.
  6. Members shall not knowingly be involved directly or indirectly with criminal acts.
  7. Members will not knowingly misrepresent the Club.
  8. Members have a duty to advise the Board of any Member engaging in activity they believe is detrimental to the best interests the Club, its Board, Members or a breach of the Code & Rules.  However, they must produce evidence.  The form in which this evidence may appear is unrestricted and will be weighed and considered carefully and deliberately.
  9. At any Club-sponsored or attended event, any Member caught stealing items, assaulting Members or non-Members, or verbally belittling Members or non-Members in person or via social media will be automatically expelled from the Club and they may be prosecuted legally.
  10. At any Club-sponsored event, any Member proven to have damaged, misplaced or broken item(s) owned by another Member will be required to fairly compensate the Member for the loss.  Whether the item was damaged as a result of being temporarily removed without authorization, accidentally through negligence or otherwise; this remedy shall govern.  However, for purposes of this Code & Rules, Members shall share equally in the risk when an item was freely handed to the Member whether it was with a view to purchase, trade or other reason.
  11. A Club Member’s standing in other recognized and respected Clubs is pertinent to their standing within this Club.  Expulsion from one or more of these Clubs will automatically trigger a review of their standing in this Club.  Based on the findings, further action may be taken including reprimands and/or penalties up to and including expulsion.